The Designer

Mr. AbdulAziz M. AlKhudairi, born in Kuwait on August 29th, 1963, is a member of a merchant family renowned for specializing in the gold trade since 1967.


It was at the tender age of 17, precisely in 1980, that he had his first experience in jewellery design when he designed his diamond and black onyx watch – handcrafted by the Greek jeweller Mikhaillis – and considered to be a unique piece of art.


In 1988, Mr. AbdulAziz  started designing jewellery as a sideline to his work in his family’s gold trade business. After the successful promotion and increased demand for his designs in the region, in late 80′s he decided to refurbish his father’s gold trade business into a jewellery design emporium.


After the liberation of the State Of Kuwait in 1991, AlKhudairi Jewellery was formally established, and was bolstered by a fine selection of locally hand-crafted jewellery pieces that were high in quality, in line with the latest trends, and yet utterly unique.


These elegant and exclusive ethnic designs sparkled with the creative genius of Mr. AbdulAziz M. AlKhudairi, in which the natural beauty of the gems was enhanced by the talents of the local craftsman, all of which heralded the start of a new era of Kuwaiti handcrafted jewellery.